Sunday, February 24, 2013

Copenhagen Bakery Ride

I'm shocked people, shocked that The Boyfriend chose to go on a mtn. biking ride with his mates instead of tagging along with me on one of Tony's infamous club rides.  The BF said later, having not had the opportunity to do a mtn. bike ride in awhile, that he had some problems with endurance and stamina.  Well let me tell you, he certainly doesn't have those issues when he's with me....

Tony's rides involve hills, hills and more hills.  This time from Woodside to Burlingame.  What a workout! 

Hills mean stunning views of the Bay Area.  We traveled through Woodside, Redwood City, Hillsborough and Burlingame.  Hills also mean pain.

Hills sometimes can be fun.  Loved this little bit of joy.  Everyone felt they had worked themselves for a treat at the Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame.  Me, I felt like I deserved some sugar from the fireman sitting in his firetruck a half mile back.  Oh oh, I'm in trouble.  I needed the coffee from Peet's and the croissant from the bakery to get me back.

A clear day gave way to fabulous views.   I love going places I've not been before and enjoying the company of fellow club cyclists.  Truly, they made it special.  We did 37 miles including Canada Road, Jefferson, Canyon, Polhemus, Crystal Springs, Crestview, Tartan Trail, Tournament, and the Ralston Bike Trail.  I'm wiped. 

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