Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mega Monster Enduro - DNF

I was flying.  I was soaring.  For this year's Mega Monster Enduro in Paicines.  Sure, it was around 34 degrees but the sun was warm and I had all my woolies to keep me snug.

And then, around mile 7, I noticed a wire protruding from my front tire.  Oh oh.

By mile 13, the front tire was soft.  I managed to change the flat in about 5 minutes, to my surprise and delight.  But I couldn't get enough air into the tube and I was uncomfortable (lack of experience) with using the CO2 cartridge.  But then, wait, wait for it ....

A guy in a pick up truck stopped and he pumped me up nicely, using the CO2 cartridge.  But by this time, perhaps only 15 minutes had elapsed, I lost all desire to continue the ride.  I turned around and took in the lovely scenery as I made my way back to the start.  I ended up doing about 36 miles.  I spent the rest of the time enjoying the company of Cara and later Dan, along with helping track finish times.  DNF Mega Monster Enduro.  Thank you Cara, Dan, Bill, Lane, Kevin and others for your effort and time in putting on this event.  And thank you Alison for driving me. 


Alison Chaiken said...

Thanks for your company as always, Christine. I hope you had a good time despite your disappointing flat. Your photos capture the beauty of the scenery we saw today. Favorite brussels sprouts recipe:

NadiaMac said...

Nice photos! Nice to see you and thanks for the help with result!