Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cruising Calaveras

Saturday morning was spent on an impromptu ride suggested by Dr. G. to Sunol via Felter and Calaveras.

Dr. G. observed that there were no firemen to tickle my fancy.  Whatever would I do to entertain myself!  Oh lookey, just around the bend, a pelaton of the male variety, followed by a Mike's Bikes vehicle.  And then Jill commented that construction workers of which there were a few along the way would be a fine substitution.  We stopped in Sunol at a park before turning back to Milpitas.

I can hear The Boyfriend now, all the way over there on another continent.  Focus woman, focus on the biking.  Must I, Mister.  First, it was supposed to be 65 degrees.  We barely hit 57.  However, wait, wait for it, check out my new wool jersey!!  From Portland Oregon Cyclewear.  Nothing comes between me and my wool, except maybe The BF.  It hit the spot today, that's for sure.  Didn't even need to wear the windbreaker except occasionally.   Dr. G. was quite the chaperone taking care of me as I am having some health issues.  Can we say Gentleman!  And Jill introduced me to a new gel that has ginseng and honey in it.  Of course I've forgotten the product name.  Super club outing.

Just the Stats:

Jill and I got to gabbing as chicks do, so...
37.41 miles
31.5 top speed
11.1 avg mph
3 hr. 22 min.


Anonymous said...

Now I wish I had ordered one of those jerseys. It looks great!

Alison Chaiken said...

I don't understand the appeal of that park. Sunol Regional Wilderness is right at the bottom of Calaveras if you're going to bring your own food, and is much, much prettier. If you do roll all the way to Sunol, why not eat in the Cafe? Especially when the weather is gray? A lot of ride leaders have been lunching at that park this year.

New jersey does look quite sporting. I simply decided that one long-sleeve wool was all I needed in this climate.