Saturday, May 18, 2013

Amgen TOC -- Diablo

I tell ya people, it's exhausting being me.  I smiled and waved at the police boys, the fire boys, the team cars, and of course, they waved back.  Fellow cyclists and others waved and said hello as well.  The Man witnessed firsthand all this attention.  Hee hee, he can no longer claim that I make it up.  No need to, Mister.

Hard to see, but the pelaton was on its way up Mt. Diablo.  The Man planned our journey perfectly.  As we climbed, we met up with Mr. Bill, Dan of LKHC fame (I recognized his socks), and also, Ron and James P. shouted out my name.  How wonderful to see friends.

Back to The Man.  We had barely finished our lunch when we learned the Pros were already on the mountain.  Thank you to The Man for positioning us in a nice spot and for the salami sandwich. 

Here they come!  I marveled at the way the crowd spread itself out along the mountain and cheered.  A few of the cyclists made eye contact with me.  I realize they probably saw a blurb, or a raving fan, but, still, for me, it was a thrill.

There's the Man!  We thought descending would be a nightmare but you know what, it was fine.  Everyone was spread out and mostly, everyone just took it easy going down.  What an experience, better than when we watched the climb last year on Mt. Baldy.   I feel blessed to have the opportunity to watch the Amgen TOC.  And to ride up Mt. Diablo with lots of other cyclists and little traffic.  Weather cooperated, too.  You know what, it was just fun to participate in something that is good and peaceful and brings people together, to be involved in something larger than yourself.   Oh, and just like yesterday,  I saw a few butterflies.  Lovely.

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