Friday, May 17, 2013

Amgen TOC TT in San Jose

Been out of town taking care of family stuff.  Back in time to watch the Amgen Tour of California Time Trial in San Jose.  Previously attended the TT in Solvang on a few occasions.  Nice to be on home turf.  We positioned ourselves at Bailey and McKean along with a small crowd that cheered each rider as he came flying by; well, taking the corner was difficult and the winds were certainly in play.  We also cheered the police and team vehicles.  I found it interesting to watch the beginning of a time trial because you have no idea what happened along the way, only the hope and joy and fun that you glimpsed in your remote corner of the route.  How did they fare on Metcalf?   It was a serene day for us, clear blue skies, quiet, an eagle flying above, a helicopter passing by now and then and a chance to forget the unpleasantness of stuff.  Of course I'll review the video highlights and see what transpired, but, for now, everyone was a winner, as they certainly deserved.  Thank you for cycling through San Jose.  Tomorrow, we're off to watch Stage 7.

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