Monday, May 27, 2013

Wonderful Wunderlich

The entrance to Wunderlich Park in Woodside.  I was waiting for The Man to join me when a guy in a pick up truck with a horse trailer drove by and said, "Wanna ride my horsey."  The BF galloped across the road and took me away from said dirty minded man and into the park for our 5 mile hike.  He likes to be gallant.

What a tree!  We had a little bit of everything from madrones to redwood forests and meadows.  But no wildlife unless of course we consider The Man

Oh lookey, wildlife in the meadow. 

He wouldn't let me run naked through the meadow.  I mean really, what kind of boyfriend is he! Girls just wanna, they just wanna, have fun.... you said it Cyndi Lauper.

We didn't stick around for the Slime Ness Monster to appear. 

Another spectacular sight.  This park is a jewel with wide footpaths and benches.  When we were at elevation 1284 feet, we saw nothing but forest and it was hard to imagine that below us was the hustle and bustle of Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, VCs, and so forth.  We did get rained upon but we had enough canopy to keep us from getting wet.  On this Memorial Day, I thank those who made it possible for me to feel safe and to enjoy this splendor.  Even if I didn't get to run naked through the meadow....

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