Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot and Cold

The last time I did Coyote Creek Trail and Henry Coe was with Miss P back in August 2012.  Today, The Boyfriend and I were assaulted by what felt like an artic wind on the way out.   I was a bit nervous since last weekend's minor crash but you just have to get back on the bike, right.

A few miles into the ride --

Me:  Yoo hoo, when will we be stopping for our lattes?
The BF:  Pipe down and drink your sports drink, Missy.
Me:  Does it come with foam and melted chocolate?

 A few more miles into the ride ---

Me:  Yoo Hoo, when I can expect the limo to arrive to shuttle me up to the top?
The BF:  Darn, I knew there was something I forgot to do this morning ... book a limo, right!
Me:  No lattes, no limo, say, what kind of boyfriend are you?
The BF:  The kind that puts up with your whining.  Get back on the bike and go.
Me:  Yes, Sir.

A few more miles into the ride ---

Me:  Yoo hoo, are we stopping to have a quickie?
The BF:  Sigh.

Well, it got mighty hot on the ride....  I was 2 miles short of the summit when The Stud came flying down.  On the return, for once, no headwind. Sweet. 

Just the Stats:

44 miles
32.5 mph descending
10.4 avg mph
4 hr 13 min

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