Saturday, August 17, 2013

Put a little Zest into It

 I so enjoyed the recent ride with Miss P to Corralitos that I dragged The Boyfriend out today to do it again.  We were blessed with much better weather, warmer, bluer and even a bit muggy here and there.  Those pink flowers, The BF informed me are called Naked Ladies.

 Entrance to Mt Madonna, which I skipped again.  Here comes a very handsome cyclist.

 Lots of climbing.  Lots of scenic views.  Somewhere on Hazel Dell. Oh, before we started out from the Lexington Dam parking lot, I chatted with Dr. G and Miss A. who were doing a club ride.

 Well, The BF can have his naked ladies.

Who cares about flowers when there's The Zesty Guy.  Check out the hilarious videos.  Back to biking.  Great ride in which I shaved off 1 minute, thus doing 69.82 miles in 6 hr 20 min.  Got Zest?  I sure do.

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