Saturday, August 10, 2013

Snakes and Stuff

Me:  Yesterday, on a hike with a male friend, we encountered a snake.  It was giganticosaurus!
The BF:  Define "giganticosaurus."
Me:  No doubt the family name was Anaconda.
The BF:  I see....
Me:  I tell ya, it slithered, and its red tongue darted in a threatening manner.
The BF:  Define common garter snake....
Me:  Listen Mister, far more frightening was my recent shopping spree at Target.  They moved the mayo!
The BF:  Oh dear.
Me:  I had to go home and have a lie down.  I was confused for days as I contemplated why.  They must have conducted UX studies and determined that customers would appreciate the change.  I, though, had to adjust ...
The BF:  What are you babbling on about?  Focus.  What about your ride today?
Me:  Oh yeah, Miss P and I rode up Mt. Hamilton.
The BF:  And?
Me:  A man in a pick up truck saluted me!
The BF:  Sigh.

 Miss P and I started in yet another misty and somewhat chilly morn.  I needed leg and arm warmers but I'm a wuss.  This ride confirmed that I lose a lot of time the last 3 miles of the climb.  I didn't have the energy to join Miss P as she continued to do the backside of Mt. Ham.  What a cyclist!  I, on the other hand, am a wuss.  Some day.  Too much gravel sprinkled here and there made for a slow descent.  I am a cautious wuss.  We weren't racing but I managed to get to the top in 2 hr 53 min.  I would like to improve with a time of 2 hr 30 min.  Some day.  Meanwhile, I salute myself.  Because I feel like it.


Alison Chaiken said...

I fell hard rollerblading on Weds night, so I wussed completely on Ham today and went on an easy hike with friends instead. The worst part is, I wore my "fat pants" on my Thursday night date, as my hip is too swollen to squeeze into my regular jeans. Tomorrow I'm going to a picnic in Saratoga and hope to be able to roll slowly down there.

I must say that I have not been seized with a desire to climb the Hamilton backside of late after summiting. Kudos to Miss P.

Stephen C. Gruber said...

Congratulations on a great ride!