Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bundled Up Like a Babe

Who would know that Spring has sprung given today's chilly temperature and icy wind.  Miss P and I opted to shorten the club ride to Half Moon Bay.  Considerably.  As in, we did 18.70 miles total. 

We got a good workout anyway, starting in Woodside, climbing Old La Honda, descending West La Honda and back up it, and then over to Hwy 84 for a nice descent back to the start.  Naturally, I encountered many a male cyclist climbing OLH.  They kept me entertained with their remarks of which the only one remotely related to biking was, "You rock."  Yes, I know.

C'mon baby, let's do the twist, c'mon on baby, it goes like this.  Atop Old La Honda, dressed in wool.  On the descents, I wore more wool, my favorite ski mask, and a jacket.  When we returned to Woodside, we considered doing Canada Road, but, the wind, while warmer, was really blowing.  So, we called it a day.  A fun day, short and sweet.

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