Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Buffalo and Bison

Friday, August 22nd

After the bike ride, we popped into this saloon in Hill City for a bite to eat.  I had the best sweet potato fries ever.  Plus a glass of wine.

Then we went over to Turtle Town for coffee and chocolates.  Afterwards we drove along Iron Mountain Road.  Here's a nice video from someone of the drive.   I wanted to see the caves in the area but we ran out of time, specifically Wind and Jewel.

Oh my God, it finally happened, and let me just say how could our vacation be complete without having to stop for a family of buffalo crossing the road!!!!  I practically peed in my panties.  Okay, not really, but, I had to call my brother and tell him.  I was so excited.

There were at least 6 of them.  This fella was right in my window.  I locked the door.  Loved it.  By the way, these animals are actually bison.  We like to call them American Buffalo but truth be told, buffalo are only really in Africa and South Asia.  And so our adventure came to an end on a big bang.  Yay!

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