Saturday, January 24, 2015

Scenes from a Winter's Day

My, how pretentious -- scenes from a winter's day.  Should have just stuck with Ode to Me on Bike.  Met up with Miss P to do Diane's club ride to Sunol today.  I knew I'd only get so far but I can dream.  While the gang shot off, I stopped at Ed Levin Park on Felter.  I've passed this park many times and never really noticed it. 

Lookey, I made it up The Wall!  I'd like a diamond necklace, a rose, and chocolate, please.  Yes, my second attempt on the road bike since foot surgery back in early December and I'm getting stronger. 

The day was warm unlike many previous mornings.  Wonderful to be out and about again.  Started to proceed towards Sunol (the gang planned a picnic) but the wind kicked in and I decided not to push it.  I had little pain while on the bike but have learned that sometimes it hits you later.  Patience and persistence pay off. 

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Alison Chaiken said...

Way to go, Christine. You'll be back to normal when the high cycling season starts.