Sunday, July 31, 2016

Walking in the Woods

Off we go, the four of us on an 8 mile hike in Sanborn Skyline Park.  We did a loop from the parking lot to the top of Skyline.

As you might imagine, when you walk in the woods, you see trees.  We also saw a fair share of mountain bikers.  It's a bit technical on some switchbacks but fairly easy I think, coming from someone who does not mountain bike.  At least descending.  Climbing might be a bit tiring.  After about mile 1, I was done but well, I sauntered on....

Ah, a vista but with the smoky skies not much to see.  We're somewhere way above Saratoga and Hwy 9 and close to Skyline.  In the distance I could see the white tops of the Shoreline concert venue.  Stella and I were also "treated" to a view of a woman taking a bathroom break.  Not a pretty sight.

Occasionally we encountered a big rock or two.  Here my companions are baffled as to why there is no Expresso Bar or Jamba Juice.  Me, I kept sauntering on.  At one point, we heard a loud crack, as though fireworks had been set off.  It was deafening.  We realized a branch had fallen. Unbelievable sound.  It spooked us.

Can we say Yay, we only have 1 more mile or so to go.  Ah, At this point, Stella and I took the shortcut, while the men took a longer route.  "Two roads diverged ... the road not taken...." Good choice because they encountered a rattlesnake sunning itself.  Luckily no humans were harmed ... nor the snake.  A fabulous outing.  Looking forward to another even if I do whine.

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