Monday, October 10, 2016

Low Key Hill Climb Highway 9 - What Can I Say

Saturday, Oct 9th

Well, yeah, there I am in the background, looking like I'm taking an oath, something like,  I swear to place last for the Low Key Hillclimb Highway 9 challenge.  Can I just say right now, these women were not only super sweet, but, they rocked out there on the climb.

Thank you Bill Bushnell for trying to make me look good.  Seriously, I just wanted to try to match my time from the LKHC event back in 2011.  Everyone on today's ride struck me as really nice.

This woman was fabulous.  She was sweeping to see who was left (that would be me); she was truly encouraging.  This year, my cycling has been pretty much recreational and so, the LKHC series is my only opportunity to push myself.  I'm not sure I've even done Highway 9 this year.  In 2011, I did Hwy 9 in 59 minutes.  Today, I did it in 62 minutes.  Way back in 2006, I did it in 61 minutes.  What can I say.  I'm pleased.  I pushed myself and had a good time.  More impressive, the women and men times and the variety of people who turned out today.  This is a great series. 

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