Sunday, September 18, 2016

Just Around the Corner

Miss P. and I joined an impromptu club ride today going up Mt. Hamilton, starting at 7:30am [gasp].   If that wasn't bad enough, we're in the midst of a mini heat wave.  So I guess starting at this ridiculously early hour [I mean, I could have been in bed eating bonbons and thinking about boy toys] was a good thing.

I can't remember the last time we climbed Mt. Hamilton.  I certainly remember how as you approach each curve and bend in the road, glimpsing the observatory, you imagine you're just about there ....

There were a lot of cyclists out today along with noisy motorcyclists.  Air quality was so so.  Lookey, I'm almost there.  Not.

Our throats were parched.  It heated up much faster than we anticipated.  I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm almost there.  Not.

Miss P. got ahead of me.  I'm getting closer.  Sort of.  Yay.

And suddenly, the Lick Observatory appears before one's eyes.  I was not any faster than on previous rides but I did feel strong.  Please, please no applause.

A parting shot.  Time to descend.  38 miles.  A shower and a coke felt wonderful afterwards.

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