Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nancy's cookies

Today's 43.5 mile ride with Western Wheelers took us up and down the hills of San Mateo County. Early into the ride, I proclaimed that Nancy, our ride leader, was the queen bee and we her workers protecting her stash of homemade sugar cookies that she shared during rest stops.

Stopping to take photos while trying to climb proved difficult but I managed to get in a few. Crystal Springs to Black Mountain, while tiring and hot, was lovely. That stretch in terms of challenge reminded me of Kings Mtn. or Hwy 9 in which it just goes on and on and your head feels like it's on a fire. (No photos taken during that section of the ride)

After a lunch stop, P and I took off together to finish the ride, finding ourselves riding a bit of Sawyer Camp, 92, onto Canada Road to Whiskey Hill, Sand Hill Road, through Stanford campus and a litle known path that took us back to the high school on Arastradero at Foothill. Thanks all for a nice time.

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