Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tahoe Haze

As The Boyfriend and I crossed the Bay Bridge Thursday on our way to South Lake Tahoe, the sky turned gray from the lingering fires. The heat was suffocating in the Sacramento area.

I'm amazed that the photos above look as good as they do. While on the way to the chateau (aka Motel 6), I was subjected to the BF's musical taste. And he to my fascinating chitchat.

Me: Stop the car! Stop the car! Listen Mister, I need to buy ear plugs. I can't take it anymore.
He: Okay Missy, while you're at it, buy some duct tape, too. I can't take it anymore.

Friday we drove around Lake Tahoe though sadly amidst a hazy sky that obscured views. We stopped in Markleeville so that he could register for The Death Ride (Tour of the California Alps). We ran into some of his biking buddies -- small world, then again, it's a small town.

Saturday, I spent the day on a leisurely bike ride of my own crossing the state line into Nevada and biking along Lake Tahoe on both the California and the Nevada sides.

Nevada above.

Ducks in California who agreed to pose for a shot.

By the way, Saturday the blue skies returned!

I wanted to join those bathing beauties!
Come 7pm The Boyfriend returned having completed all 5 passes, and having survived a sudden hail storm and 2 blow outs. My hero. I let him play his CDs all the way home.
Ah, home. Blue skies. Cooler temperatures finally. And poo poo left on my bed pillow, a gift from Charlotte. Ah, home sweet home.

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