Monday, July 21, 2008

Waiter There's a Fly in My ....

BF: How about we do Mt. Hamilton Saturday!
Me: How about we take a nap instead.
BF: Napping is not exercise.
Me: It could be. hint, hint.
BF: See you on the mountain.
Me: Sigh.

I started 30 minutes earlier than The Boyfriend but he caught up to me by mile 10. He darted ahead of me in his usual sporty manner while I continued to pant like a dog and crawl along like a garden slug. The photo above is around mile 17 which is when The Boyfriend came down from the mountain to fetch me. He escorted me to the top like the handsome gentleman that he is and bought me a soda, too. Enough of the mushy bits.

Me in my victory stance. This is only the second time that I have made it to the Lick Observatory, the top of Mt. Hamilton. I averaged 9.4 mph with 29 mph being my fastest speed for the 38 mile ride. The Boyfriend descended sections going 35 mph and 45 mph descents while doing The Death Ride earlier this month.

BF: Ready for the descent!
Me: Where's the limo?
[Motorcyclist eyeing me. Me eyeing motorcyclist]

At the parking lot on Alum Rock Road, The Boyfriend was waiting for me.

He: Let's do Sierra Road tomorrow!
Me: How about we take a nap instead ....
He: See you on the mountain.
Me: Sigh.

As to the title of this blog entry -- I found a fly in my tub while bathing after the ride. This site has some funny waiter fly jokes.

Me: BF, there's a dead fly in my tub!
BF: Not exactly a rubber ducky that makes bath time lots of fun, eh.
Me: Skip the duck and send me George Clooney. Love his 08 and 07 commercials.

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