Saturday, November 22, 2008

Metcalf Loop

The telephone rings. It's The Boyfriend skyping me from another continent.

BF: Whatcha doing?
Me: Reading.
BF: Proust? Hegel? Aristotle?
Me: Bad Girls: 26 Writers Misbehave. They forgot to include me.
BF: Sigh.
Me: I'm going to do a bike ride today and then it's "Men in tights, men in tights!"
BF: Try to behave at the ballet.
Me: Oh, I'll behave alright. I'll be on my best bad behavior.
BF: I'm hanging up now.

I did a 20 mile loop beginning at Metcalf but not up Metcalf. I biked on roads that were uphill or undulating for the most part, starting with Basking Ridge/Hellyer. Exact route: Hellyer -> Silver Creek -> Farnsworth -> San Felipe -> Metcalf and some other road as well.

Silver Creek above and below.

Quite a pretty ride. Below is Metcalf.

And Metcalf again.

Took me 1 hr 56 minutes with an average speed of 10 mph and max. speed of 28 mph. I know, not exactly going to break any records. I'm going to enjoy the Spanish bullfighter tonight but I do miss my knight in shining spandex and wish that he could have gone on this ride with me.
Up next, the last of the LKHC for this year-- Mt. Hamilton on Thanksgiving Day.

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