Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Rides

Thanksgiving Day. Mt. Hamilton (photo shot by Stephen Fong), the last ride in the Low-Key Hillclimb series. Oh, I got up the mountain alright -- in a car. A lingering cold prevented me from participating as a rider but not as a volunteer. Next up is the LKHC series party. As I told the event organizer, "Yeah, so, you can climb, but eh, can you party!" For sure, I will take first place. What is always funny each year is whether we are able to recognize one another without our helmets and biking clothes.

Come Friday I was better so I joined friends for an ACTC ride in the Los Gatos hills. It was rather cold with a heavy fog layer. We rode 17 miles including: University --> Shannon -->Hicks West --> Reynolds --> Shannon --> Kennedy --> parking lot.

Above: A short stop on Shannon in Los Gatos vicinity.

Documenting the pain of riding up Reynolds (off Hicks West), a short but steep climb. A good ride to ease me back into cycling after 2 weeks of fighting a cold.

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