Saturday, November 15, 2008

Metcalf Low-Key Hillclimbs Week 7

Metcalf Mission (otherwise known as Week 7 of the Low Key Hillclimbs series)
Opening Scene: Covert Ops
Tuesday was spent doing recon about the climb. While only 1.8 miles, I stopped 3 times to do: 1) intelligence gathering (would I or would I not get up Metcalf?) and 2) to contemplate life (whine, cry, rant, rave, sweat). Having accomplished #2, I would say the mission was successful.
Saturday morning: The Boyfriend skypes me from another continent.
He: Bear Gulch was the last time for me to score for this year's series.
Me: But not for me!
He: You're not talking about biking, are you.
Me: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me.
He: Sigh. Listen Missy, your mission should you accept it, is to get up the hill without stopping.
Me: Yes Sir!
Showtime: Mission (Im)possible
Volunteer: Name?
Me: Agent 99.
Volunteer: Let's try it again.
Me: Holmes, Christine Holmes.
Volunteer: Number?
Me: Double 0 27 and remember Mister, I like my gatorade stirred not shaken.
Volunteer: I bet your boyfriend sighs a lot, doesn't he.
Me at the top. Mission accomplished. Yes, I got up Metcalf without stopping by staring at the asphalt almost the entire time and let me tell you what a picnic that was.... Several of us continued on Metcalf, descending into beautiful countryside. I think I may do this ride again tomorrow but in reverse making it even tougher because you know, I just can't get enough.
I wish The Boyfriend had been with me on the ride.

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