Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunbathing on Sierra Road

It was so hot climbing Sierra Road today that I should have worn my bikini. I had to unzip my jersey to my belly button. Did I mention the number of male cyclists who stopped to take in "the view?"

I discovered that listening to classical music while doing a difficult climb is wonderful. I struggled but I did not feel the usual frustration.

Oh dear, even the Moo Moos were faster than me.

Oh dear, even the turkeys moved faster than me.

Oh dear, even the lone turkey who took the road less traveled was faster than me.

At the top, documenting a red and sweaty face. Alas I needed to stop several times as I climbed but I could tell that my miniscule muscles are gathering strength.

One last view before the descent. Despite the haze, I could see Lick Observatory atop Mt. Hamilton though I didn't take a photo. Flying down Calaveras, sometimes at 33 mph (no doubt others would go even faster) is worth the pain of Sierra! I misjudged a corner, badly, but you should have seen the tank tires in action. I could feel them gripping the road and self correcting what might have been a rather horrible mishap. I fell in love with them.
The 17 mile loop took 2 hours. I know. Sigh.

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