Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anyone for Alba?

Apparently so, since 82 of you were gungho to climb Alba Road in Ben Lomond in 39 - 44 degree weather! Amazing. Me, I was gungho to stay in my bed, under the covers. Instead, I climbed, I mean, I drove up and down Bear Creek Road to the start with my ears popping and the car windows steaming up.
Before we could see the first batch of riders come across the finish line, we could hear them breathing and panting hard. It was an incredible sound.
As our other photographer quipped to someone, "Wait, let me get a photo of you puking." It was a funny line at the time. Our humor is shameful!
We had an impressive turnout given the location and the temperature. You were fantastic! One more climb to go -- Thanksgiving Day -- Mt. Hamilton and once again, our swell series will come to an end.
Anyone for Alba? You betcha.

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