Sunday, November 29, 2009

Break on Through to the Other Side

The light bulb came on. Weenie Woman is in training.
I returned to Mt. Hamilton. The goal was not to slug it out and get to the top but to climb strategically and practice technique. Like I said, uh the light bulb finally came on.
Not many cyclists out. It was a bit windy (but not like yesterday's gusts) and chillier than the LKHC event last Thursday. No one to play with but that'll have to wait for another day.
In any case, I had too much fun playing with gears and taking corners. This little gear will get me up, this little gear is tough going, this little gear will cause me to topple over, this little gear feels just right. Cut off point was mile 9 to give me some numbers to play with for all the next times. And I'll keep at it until I break on through to the other side.
Meanwhile, please keep your giggles to yourself. :)
18 miles, climbing 7.3 mph avg.
1 hr. 12 m (next time I will shoot for a faster time) to reach mile 9
24.5 max one way, 30 mph max the other way on descents

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Anonymous said...

Are you training for a particular goal, or just because training is great?