Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doing the Diablo

(photo by Brenda and Ron Brunner)

Low Key Hillclimbs, Week 7, Mt. Diablo, North Gate.

You know that you've arrived too early when you spot the ride coordinator having a coffee at Peet's. No no no, I shan't whine about how The Boyfriend forced me to get up at some unheard of morning hour, thus, not allowing me to dream of men, I mean sheep. No, no, no, I won't whine about the lost beauty sleep, nor being so tired I had no desire to flirt or snap photos of fellow LKHCers during registration. Our drive from the South Bay began with a light rain, forcing us to cover our saddles with grocery bags. As we came into Walnut Creek, the sky turned blue, the sun appeared but the cold November day remained.

(photo by Carl Butler)
Today though was memorable because slower riders got to go first for the time trial up Mt. Diablo. Yes, for once, I was out in front, ahead of everyone else, Leader of the Pack, smelling the thrill of victory, for, wait, wait for it, all of 2 minutes before being overtaken by other cyclists. It was sweet while it lasted.
I had the rare opportunity to see everyone in action and that was truly enjoyable and something I will treasure. As people passed, they talked to me, some briefly, some for a few minutes. Then of course, there were the drivers who flirted with me. I swear, I do nothing to instigate these things. "The girl can't help it." In fact, with all these people vying for my attention, and the interference it causes, why, it's no wonder that I tend to finish last. :)
In 2006, my LKHC time was 116.44. Today's finish was 113.55. Perhaps a mass start vs. a time trial explains the difference. This year, I had to get off the bike to finish. Sigh. Note to The BF: I would like a boytoy, I mean, personal trainer for Christmas. A special thank you to my teammate for cheering me on to cross the finish line.
Ah, the piece de resistance: of the 137 riders who rode today, I placed 137th. Please, please, I don't think I'm up for autographs....

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