Saturday, December 5, 2009

A day with Henry and Thomas

Joined the gang to do Thomas Grade and Henry Coe in 45 degree weather. What the heck I was thinking? Oh yeah, the plan, the plan -- Weenie Woman in Training. S acted as my chaperone getting me up. He and I kept waiting for some excitement, say, like extraterrestrials in a mod looking UFO (preferrably heated with hot cocoa and marshmellows) to swoop down and take us away. I stopped to take the photo above and then S was gone around a bend.

About a mile to the summit, they came from nowhere, about 25 of them. Sure, you think you're looking at turkeys. I'm telling you they were aliens who abducted me before I reached the top of Henry Coe. I ask you, if they're not going to look like little green men, why can't they look like Chippendale Men? As Frank says, "That's life, baby."

Well Frank, "I thought about quitting and cutting out but thanks to S, I picked myself up and got back in the race."

We did about 28 miles total from our start in Morgan Hill. I forgot to record my time for this ride. Oh darn.


Alison Chaiken said...

Now that we're post-Thanksgiving, it's safe for those aliens to come out of their ships again.

Turkeys with their bald heads are so peculiar that I always am reminded of the close kinship of birds to dinosaurs.

trustattorney said...

That's a wonderful picture of the turkeys!