Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amgen TOC Stage 4

When I finally got to the top of Sierra Road, drenched in sweat (bike time 57 minutes; sigh), there was my friend PP and The Boyfriend, a truly welcoming sight. Damn fine looking stud.

Me: On the way up, I met all these guys!
The BF: I thought you were going into menopause, you know, the pause from men.
Me: You tickle me pink with your humor, Mister! I'm just getting hornier as I get hotter!
He: Sigh.
Me: And to think, I'm only in the early stages.
He: Truly frightening.
Me: Oh by the way, you may want to start taking a mega vitamin.

Lookey, it's Sharkie. He patted me on the head. That's probably code for something. The BF is shaking his head. Sharkie was super. Okay, enough about me because today, like the previous stages, and the upcoming stages of the Amgen Tour of California is all about the fabulous cyclists participating in this wonderful cycling event.

They're coming! They're coming!

It was truly exciting as a sea of cyclists swarmed past us. I simply can not fathom how cyclists are able to bike so close to one another. I can't fathom a lot of things but that's another story.

A close up of them, their arms glistening. Being so near to them, being able to watch this short leg of today's stage was indeed a wonderful experience. Here's to the rest of the tour! Thanks to Adobe Tracker (for whom I once worked) for allowing those of us who don't have cable to watch it on the computer.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Awesome photos and humor as always, Christine. I appreciate your combination of frankness and perspective.