Saturday, May 15, 2010

Before the Crash

On the telephone, the night before:

Me: I'm having hot flashes and night sweats.
BF: I bought another bike!
Me: To cool off, I stand naked on my balcony, in broad daylight.
BF: You know, the folding kind. No additional cost when I travel.
Me: At night, I walk the neighborhood in a see through negligee.
BF: I'll be able to bike when I go abroad on business trips!
Me: I hear there are extra police cars now, patroling the neighborhood -- I wonder why.
BF: I should get the bike in 10 days. I can't wait.
Me: Have you heard anything I've said? I'm hot.
BF: Hot? I know you're hot hot hot! You hot babe, you.
Me: Sigh.

Today, I joined a bunch of ACTC cyclists for a jaunt to Mt. Hamilton and part of the backside (though I only planned to do Mt. Ham). We began in fog and cold temperature. At mile 6, I was just about set to turn around, depressed by the weather, when upon a bend, the sky turned blue and it became increasingly warm! Green jackets, arm warmers and leggings removed.

Once past the fog, I have never felt so strong and energized going up the mountain. We had to skirt catapillars crawling in the road! Ah, Lick, a pretty sight. Donny and Joan, bless them, lugged up a trailer attached to their bikes (a bungee cord kept the two together) with our lunch. Incroyable. I met some wonderful people on this ride. Naturally I met some men, too.

Me at the top in my spanking 2010 Tierra Bella jersey. Going back down, just three miles shy of Mt Ham and Alum Rock Avenue, I crashed. I misjudged a corner and was surprised by a sudden burst of wind. I applied the brakes incorrectly. Total human error. It was either go over the hillside/cliff or crash into the shoulder. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which option I chose. I skidded on the road and smashed into the shoulder. At first, I thought I broke my leg. But here's how you know you're okay. You get up and scream obscenities. I had road rash on my hands and hematomas on my knee and ankle. Here's the positive aspect of psoriasis -- a bath removed all the skin and bloody stuff in one well swoop. Here's the positive aspect of being a dancer and gymnast when I was younger -- you know how to crash. Here's the positive thing about being a platelet donor (because you produce excessive platelets) -- you don't bleed. You simply clot.

Ah The Boyfriend. Bless his heart. Before his journey to Watsonville for the Strawberry Fields Forever tour tomorrow, he stopped by to assess me and any damage. I was hoping he would do a full body search. I guess I smelled. :)

Just the stats:

2 hrs 50 min to get up to the top from Kirk Avenue
1 hour and then some to get down (I crawled the last few miles)
26 mph max
8.7 mph avg.

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