Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle

A week or so ago, my friend P said I was brave to get back on the bike (after my crash on Mt. Hamilton). Today, I really got back in the sack, I mean saddle.

I biked Sand Hill Road, Whiskey Hill, Kings Mountain and down Kings Mtn, down Whiskey Hill and up Sand Hill back to the car. Test drive basically. And a brief stop at the Pioneer Hotel -- I love the pockets of western themes that dot the California landscape.

It was a day to rebuild my confidence so no flirting, no fun and games. The other day, I explained to my work friends that hot flashes are nothing compared to climbing a hill and really feeling the heat. :)

Just the Stats:

25.13 miles
29 mph max
9.5 mph avg.
50 min. up Kings (have done better...)
2 hrs. 38 min.

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