Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Babes in Monterey

I was working on the computer
just the other day
When before my eyes, an email lay
2 birthday babes with an invitation
to bike in Monterey Bay
We (19 of us) did the bash
We did the Birthday Bash
It was a fun filled smash!

We biked here.
We biked there.
We biked everywhere.

Cannery Row. The bike trail in Monterey. Several incredible canyons. 17 mile drive. At the start of the ride, we were bombarded by a parade of dogs. It was walk your dog day or something. Hundreds and hundreds of them. I’m telling you they were sedated. No barking. No peeing. No humping legs. Amazing.

The view from my car. We had a lot of wind in some parts. If I wanted wind, I would have stayed home and turned on the frigging fan! The gang, too fast for me, but still a super lot. At one point, we sort of got lost but out whipped the GPS and we were on track again, taking a super secret short cut that had us parallel to Hwy 1. Fabulous. I suggested calling for a helicopter or a limo but alas not with this wonderfully strong cycling bunch. Earlier I asked one of the birthday babes if she had gone out the day before and painted yellow arrows for us… hee hee.
Super time with super people.
Just the Stats:

45 miles (the gang did 55; I took a short cut)
31 mph descent
10.7 mph avg
4 hrs 9 min

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