Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hail to the Chief

Thursday April 7 To our delight, we awoke to cold but clear skies. The weather people had predicted a rainy day. Our ride took us from Napa into Sonoma and up Trinity and Mt. Veeder, a 45 mile ride that proved hard mostly because of gusty wind conditions and temperatures in the upper 40s. Here I am at Domaine Carneros

Soon though the clouds came in and the temperature dropped. We encountered turkey vultures, valleys carpeted in flowers and naked vineyards. All breathtaking scenery. Atop Mt. Veeder, snow began to fall on me and then hail, the size of mini marshmellows. I whipped out my new cell phone to call The Boyfriend. I was a bit lost, shivering and not sure what to do.

You don't want to hear the message I left for The BF, other than it went something like: Where the @!!@ are you! Get me off this #@@!!! mountain!"

The BF, way ahead of me, was assaulted by marshmellow sized hail! He was very brave. Luckily, I missed that as I made my way down Mt. Veeder. I lost feeling in my hands and feet. Soon though, my knight in shining silver colored car came and rescued me. My hero. Whew, what an outing!

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