Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tierra Bella Volunteer

Guess what! The club let me be a volunteer for the 2011 Tierra Bella. My assignment, or should I say duty, was to escort male cyclists safely across an intersection and then to give them my telephone number for any support they may need. Oh alrighty, not exactly true. I was posted with Sandy at an intersection (about 10 miles into the ride for the 100 milers and 100Kers) to help cyclists cross the road safely and to alert traffic to the event. For almost 2 hours, waves and waves of riders passed us. It was a stunning scene. I saw friends from the club and from LKHC, including Lisa! At one point, a helicopter hovered over us. I was convinced it was the SWAT team, sent in by The Boyfriend (who was unable to attend this year) to make sure I behaved. I stayed beyond our alloted time and good thing I did because, as luck would have it, I met this man ... he was from Fresno. The TB was his first 100 miler a few years ago and the event means a lot to him but unfortunately, a spoke on his front wheel snapped. So, I said to him, "How may I service you, I mean how may I be of service?" :) I got out my handy dandy new cell phone and pressed the programmed number for SAG help. After the cold marine layer burned off, and gave way to a sunny blue sky, I rode the 60K route. I floored it, for me. The TB is a beautiful ride made special by a lot of volunteers. I hope cyclists had a great time. I know I did. Thank you Greg and Rita, our safety committee leaders who came around to each station offering us food and drink. I plan to volunteer again next year! Just the Stats: 34.50 miles 14.4 mph avg 30.5 mph descent 2 hrs. 23 min

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Alison Chaiken said...

Sure was a beautiful day. I just parked on Dunne and went up and down Coe, so you road more miles than me.

Pine Flat Road is where Ross' Epic Hillclimb used to be held. That's as difficult a climb as Bohlmann or Welch Creek here in the Bay Area, if not in fact more difficult. Way to go climbing that one!