Sunday, May 29, 2011

Doing It in Del Puerto Canyon

Yesterday, The Boyfriend took me to the outskirts of that fine metropolis otherwise known as Patterson in Stanislaus County to do a ride in Del Puerto Canyon.

Oh my Gosh, it was a frigging spectacular ride with ever changing scenery. And a lot of wildlife, including The Boyfriend. We encountered deer, cows, quail and turkey vultures. We had to skirt around cows walking on the road like they owned it.

After eating at the cafe junction along with other cyclists and motorcylists who were playing horseshoe, I parted ways with The Boyfriend. He went on to do the backside of Mountain Hamilton, thus, doing an out and back of 88 miles! I, still suffering from a lingering cold, decided to turn around, thus, doing 50 miles.

I know what you're thinking -- with The BF out of the picture and away, it was time for me to play! Well, not so today. However, being alone did bring out the chivalry in the male cyclists I ran into on the way back to Patterson.

Neither of us realized that we were climbing the whole way to the junction (probably 4% - 8% grade); thus the return was a breeze.

The weather changed with dark clouds quickly taking over the blue sky. The temperature began to drop and a wind kicked in. I was relieved when The Boyfriend finished because shortly afterwards on the way home, a horrendous blinding rainstorm hit many parts of the Bay Area. Next time we do this ride, I'm going to aim for cycling to the bridge (13 miles past the junction). I'll say it again -- Del Puerto Canyon is frigging beautiful.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Del Puerto Canyon was lovely yesterday. I rolled through the Junction at 9 en punto and saw the proprietor unlocking the gate to the Cafe. The event was easier than I expected, especially since the last flat miles had a tailwind.

Rather than ride from Patterson to the bridge for a shorter route, I'd turn right at the junction and continue to the nearby summit that overlooks Livermore instead. Then the trip back to the Junction would be downhill. I'd be up for an excursion from Patterson to that summit with lunch at the Cafe sometime.