Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Solvang for Stage 6

Friday May 20th

The BF and I bike into Solvang and before our eyes is the Shack's big truck with Levi Leipheimer's and Chris Horner's time trial bikes. What a sight. We press forward and I smile and wave to tour directors, media people, police officers, pro cyclists warming up. I told a Jelly Belly cyclist that I loved his jelly bellies (I do, I do; delicious beans). The BF is completely embarrassed by my behavior. We find the perfect spot to watch -- the hill about half way through the circuit.

First up are the amateurs. We cheer them on. Next up, the women!!! Go Kristin Armstrong. And then the men. The excitement! The helicopter hovering. The cars. The motorcycles. Seeing them all up close. Oh my gosh, there's Levi!

And the man -- Chris Horner! What a day. It was a thrill to see it live.

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