Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lompoc Loop

Saturday May 21th

With the time trial behind us, we shoot off for a 55 mile loop in Lompoc. Beautiful ride we've done before. Except -- nasal mucus. Isn't is romantic. The joys of being sick. Still, we get in the ride and have a great meal at AJ Spurs, a restaurant featured in the film Sideways. I wish I had brought the camera to shoot the stuffed life size bison in the entrance way and the dead animals on the wall. No kidding. We watch highlights of Stage 7, seeing Chris Horner and Levi Leipheimer holding hands as they cross the finish line atop Mt. Baldy. A class act that should go down in the history of sports, yes. And we're thinking -- we've got to do Mt Baldy! Well, The BF is thinking he wants to do it, while I'm thinking of getting out of it ....

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