Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fired Up on Figueroa Mountain

Sunday May 22nd

Today, we tackled Figueroa Mountain, one heck of a climb, and a favorite of locals as well as pro cycling teams of past (Discovery, Lance Armstrong, etc). We were still ill, as in, we had no idea that the body can produce as much mucus as we have. Just call me slime machine, okay.

We biked through the lovely town of Los Olivos and onto Fugueroa Mtn Road, passing the entrance to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. It only takes 6 miles to climb 3200 feet. It is stunning. I am dying from dizziness. The Boyfriend persuaded me to go as far as the ranger station, where he deposited me as he continued onwards and up. Wait, did you say, Ranger Station, as in firemen? Oh alrighty, if you insist. And believe me, they were fine, demonstrating the power of their hoses.... The BF climbed another 1,000 feet before coming back for me, probably realizing his error in leaving me with firemen .... We managed to do 41 miles.

Later, we got in the car and drove the entire mountain loop. Oh my Gosh. I could barely hold it together in the car with all the twists and turns and sheer drops. Naturally The BF wants to return and bike it again one day. Naturally, I will somehow find myself unavailable that day ....

Monday was a complete wash out for me. I managed to do the time trial circuit before returning to the hotel, too sick to do much else. The BF completed a 50 mile loop. What a man. We ate at The Hitching Post, another restaurant featured in the film Sideways. And that closed our holiday.

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