Saturday, June 25, 2011

Duke It Out Fellas

Cue symphonic crescendo and wail along with Eric Carmen's All by Myself. Oh wait, there's a herd of male cyclists coming towards me ... Hello. But the bike ride, the firemen and all the others became incidental, irrelevant when I came upon the two peacock dueling it out on Montebello!

Given my fertile imagination, I naturally believed they were dueling over a peahen. My, what fine plumage....

Oh oh. After circling one another for quite some time, one took flight and went in for the kill. "You stay away from my peahen, you hear me!"

"Say Wilbur." "Yes, Alfred?" "Fancy taking a little break?" "Oh I say, a rest in the shaded trees sounds splendid." "I suppose we can resume the show for the humans later." Alas, their time out meant it was time for me to go my merry way. Adieu peafowl!

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Alison Chaiken said...

I saw just one peacock on a descent of Montebello a week and a half ago. Given that I was going quite fast, I was relieved that it saw me too and moved resolutely off the road, unlike squirrels who always make riders wonder if they have suicidal urges.

Coincidentally I'm wearing an Art Alexakis solo tour t-shirt that says, "All by Myself."

I would have climbed Montebello with you today if you would have asked, silly. I go up by *myself* about once a week since it's one of the nearer climbs to my abode. Yesterday I went for a lovely solo spin up Kings. At Woodside Town Hall a wonderful mariachi band was playing for a wedding, but I couldn't figure out how to inquire their name without crashing the party in my lycra.