Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pedaling to Pescadero

Not 5 minutes into our club ride led by D & J, I met a man. Surprise surprise, I know. We're talking really handsome. He wanted to know what the ride was - there were 25 of us cycling away. After I managed to stop drooling, I told him all about the club and suggested he join us. Alas he had other plans. Of course no one blows me away like The Boyfriend does. Alas, he is in Tuscany.

The route:

McKenzie Park-->Foothill -->Junipero Serra -->Sand Hill -->Whiskey Hill-->Woodside-->Kings Mtn-->Tunitas Creek-->Hwy 1-->Stage-->Pescadero Rd-->Alpine-->Page Mill-->Moody-->Foothill College path-->El Monte-->Foothill-->McKenzie Park

And this was the day to do such a ride given the mini heat wave. We had a bit of cold spell once we hit Hwy 1 but the rest of ride was full of hard work and sweat. Lots of sweat. Dripping in it. I managed to stay with the group or keep them in sight to my delight.

While on Stage, I met a couple from France now living here and tried to recruit them into our club. They loved Stage Road. In Pescadero, we all split up and I was left riding on my own. Pescadero Road was absolutely breathtaking yet I took no photos. Once on Alpine, I bonked big time. Sigh. I had to walk on and off for about 2 miles, and my stats reflect this. I thought I'd never get out of there. Still, a wonderful outing and I'm pleased.

Just the Stats:

68.32 miles

6700 ft of climbing

48 min up Kings Mtn (my best being 45 min)

9.5 mph avg (sigh)

29.5 descent

7 hr 9 min

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