Saturday, October 22, 2011

LKHC Bohlman Boys and Babes

Bohlman Busters waving to LKHC cyclists at registration.

Chris and I directed cyclists to turn onto Bohlman after they flew down Orbit. The photo doesn't capture the steepness and blind turn. An ACTC club ride led by Donny and Joan happened to be in the area and they stopped to cheer the 125 male and female cyclists who did this climb. How nice is that.

It was a joy to watch each rider at this junction. I wish I had the lungs and legs to do what they did. Next week, a new climb in the LKHC series -- Palomares. See you there.


Alison Chaiken said...

Wow, were Donny and Joan present when I went by? I was a bit too maxed out to take note!

djconnel said...

The cheering section was great! That was the all-time best ever On Orbit Bohlman intersection. Thanks, Christine (and ACTC!!)