Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reconnaissance on Palomares

L, A and I decided to check out Palomares in preparation for next week's LKHC. That's new for me to scope out the situation in advance. What a beautiful route:

Niles Canyon -->Palomares -->Palo Verde -->Dublin Canyon -->Foothill -->Main

Guess who we saw climbing in the other direction on Palomares! The Divine Miss M.

Guess who else we saw -- yes, you guessed it, divine male cyclists.

But far more interesting was the albino turkey or peacock (not sure) that I saw. Today wasn't a day to stop to take photos (after all we were on a mission). I wore my woolies (arm warmers and leggings; definitely a thumbs up) but the day became much too warm for them.

Next week's LKHC is going to be interesting with the opportunity to really floor it on the flat sections. Can't wait. Thanks A and L for a great day.

Just the Stats:

28.74 miles
29 mph on descent
12.1 mph avg
2 hr 23 m

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