Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wonderful Watsonville

The BF:  Not 5 miles into the ride and already men are coming on to you.
Me:  I know.  What can I say.
The BF:  Disgusting.
Me:  I shall flirt only with you, Mister.
The BF:  You better, Missy.

To which I did.  However, The Boyfriend said I was not permitted to repeat the naughty sweet nothings whispered in his ear.  Actually, what he said was, "That is sooo not going in your blog."

Today's outing began on Santa Theresa at Cottle, a little of the Tierra Bella and a little of Strawberry Fields bike tours.  The route included scenic Hecker Pass, Hazel Dell and Mt. Madonna, all of which smelled heavenly, the lovely scent of pine.  The canyons were cold but Watsonville brought warmth and sunshine.  We returned to the start as night fell upon us. Hopefully, The BF will let me flirt with him again on another ride.

Just the Stats:

77 miles
11,9 mph avg
31 mph on descent
6 hr 29 min


Alison Chaiken said...

Wow! You went a lot further than us today.

Raya Gildor said...

Hi Christine,
Happy New Year!