Thursday, December 29, 2011

Choo Choo All Aboard

BF:  I'd like to take you on a train ride.
Me:  Oh, I bet you'd like to take me.
BF:  Niles.  [ignoring my remark]
Me:  You'd like to take me on a train ride on the Nile!
BF:  Sigh.  No not the Nile.
Me:  The Orient Express, instead?
BFThe Train of Lights in Sunol and Niles Canyon!
Me:  Will I have a porter assigned just to me?
BF:  You're looking at him.

And boy it was fun, waiting at the train station in Sunol, a place we've biked through a number of times.

 Ah, the porter, aka The Boyfriend, who served me chardonnay from France.  What a beau. 

 Me, doing my best Donald Trump look, sort of.  We were out in an open car, in the dark starless night, a bit of mist creeping in, as we took in the beauty of the lit train maneuvering steadily around corners.  Once in awhile the horn sounded.  Choo choo. 

And it was pretty.  How different it looks at night from bike rides done in daylight along Niles Canyon.  A nice way to end the holiday break.

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