Saturday, December 10, 2011

Woody on Mines

5:15am:  zzzz.  dreaming about that Old Spice guy.
6:00am:  zzz.  dreaming about boy toys on the 4th floor of the library.
6:15am:  zzz.  dreaming about staying in bed with bon bons and cafe au lait.
6:30am:  oh alrighty, going to leave the warmth of my bed for an ACTC ride led by Mr. J.
Hrs later:  Realize I completely missed the Eclipse!  Sigh.

Ms. P and I fumbled in the cold to the start, our fingers practically falling off.  It's colder here than in parts of the East Coast.  I have a fondness for Livermore much as I do for Alviso.  When I think about wine country, I often think about Livermore more than Napa now.  It's beautiful country. 

Miss P. and I, after thawing out, began the ride on Mines Road with Mr. J and D&D.  Just the 4 of us.  At the junction (and cafe), Miss P. spotted Woody the Woodpecker!  Though he looks a bit different from the cartoon character of my childhood.  Actually, far more beautiful.

Without this club and Miss P., I would have stayed in bed and I would have missed an enjoyable outing with a lot visuals stuck firmly in my memory.  Later, The BF called from the airport, surprised that I encountered no men to flirt with; ha, I said, I saw some "wildlife" but occasionally I do focus on the riding.  But only occasionally.

Just the Stats:

58.50 miles
11.5 mph avg
27.5 mph descent
5 hr 5 min

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