Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cows on Calaveras

 Check out these two cows.  The brown one was ever so attentive to the white one.  He rubbed himself against her, gave her a good licking, and fawned over her.  Hmm, the things I could say, am thinking ....

The BF generously offered to pick up my bike after its very first tune up for which I am most appreciative.  Apparently the guys at the bike shop remembered me, which got The BF wondering why ....  Today was a solo test drive (the BF is stuck at an airport) to make sure all was well with the bike and it was.  A jaunt around Felter, Calaveras and down Sierra.  I noticed some side roads to explore next time, like Sweigart.   Looking at some previous stats, I actually am improving in speed and I wasn't even giving it my best shot. 

Just the Stats:

9.1 avg mph
29 mph descent
17.25 miles
1 hr 52 min.

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