Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hot on Ham

After weeks of cold days, we finally hit the jackpot for a most wonderfully warm day to climb Mt Hamilton on New Year's Day.  Most cyclists didn't bother with the usual garments but I'm a weenie -- though I didn't need the ski mask nor the green jacket for most of the ride.

I zipped up the mountain hoping to shatter my previous Low Key Hillclimb time back in 2009, only to lose a lot of time the last 5 miles, beginning at the intersection with Kincaid.  I scored the same time as then -- 2 hr 45 min.  I don't see vast improvement unless I'm willing to train ... not going to happen.  And thus, the realization that I will probably volunteer for next year's LKHC Mt Ham ride -- wouldn't want anyone to miss their dinner.

It was a treat biking with Miss P.  It was also a treat taking in the studly unshaven leather clad motorcyclist at the top.  I might have noticed The Boyfriend but he finished in 2 hrs and didn't stick around.  His loss, eh.  There were lots of cyclists on the climb but not the numbers I expected.  I wonder if they were off doing the other annual tradition -- the San Bruno climb.  And a parade of Porches and one Lamborghini.  Here's to another year of cycling adventures!  Happy New Year Miss P, Miss A (doing the San Bruno climb), and to the rest of you.

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Alison Chaiken said...

Your first picture is cool! Not better than the view out the Christmas Lights train window though.

Thanks for the shout-out. San Bruno was quite "low-key," as you might expect.