Friday, May 25, 2012

Day of - Stage 7 Amgen TOC

 Saturday, May 19th

Photo above:  Here's what the end of the stage looks like -- The BF shot the pic yesterday.  As we climbed, many men and women said hi to me and commented on my outfit and my bicycle, much to the dismay of The BF.  hee hee hee.  Emergency vehicles shot past us, bellowing their sirens. 

Oh my Gosh, here they come ... and go.  It was a tricky corner and some of the later cyclists overshot it.

The BF and I followed the stage route once the cyclists left.  Time to laugh hysterically:  by the time we completed a portion of the circuit, the pros had already done their loop and finished at the top.  Yes, that is me, in the photo.

 No one else thought to do as we did, follow the stage, and once again, we had the mountain to ourselves.

This side of the mountain reminded me of our Provence trip, specifically Gorges du Verdon.  Today, I biked 36.78 miles, descending  32.5 mph and an avg of 10 mph, in 3 hrs. 38 min.  It was wonderful to watch the stage and experience Mt. Baldy.

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