Friday, May 25, 2012

Mounting Mt. Baldy

Friday, May 18th

The Boyfriend wisely decided that we should explore Mt. Baldy the day before the crowds came for Stage 7 of the Amgen TOC.  "San Antonio Peak, known to locals as Mount Baldy because of the absence of trees is the highest point (el. 10,064ft) in the San Gabriel Mountains."   The day began cold and misty but a few hours later, we were greeted with sunshine and blue skies.

Me:  Will there be cocktails waiting for us at the top?
The BF:  Sigh.

The BF went on to do the steepest part of the climb, taking on another 2,000 feet in 4 miles; whereas I stopped in Baldy Village in search of cocktails at 4,000 feet.  He said he had to stand up on his pedals to handle the 15% switchbacks, going maybe 3 mph, which means that I would have toppled over had I tried. 

 Lookey, SAG support for me....

The scenery was spectacular, with wildflowers everywhere.   It was lovely to have the mountain to ourselves.   I biked 49.45 miles in 5 hrs, 21 min.  We stayed at the Rt. 66 Best Western in Glendora.  They serve freshly baked cookies each afternoon. 

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