Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cruising to Capitola

Today, The BF and I joined a Donny ride to Capitola, starting from Lexington Dam by the boat launch.  The route included Old Santa Cruz Highway, Mt. Bache, San Jose-Soquel (one of my favorite descents), into Capitola and then onwards to climb Mtn. Charlie before returning back.  We stopped at a park on San Jose Soquel, and a little girl came up to me and told me I was pretty.  Get out of town!  How sweet.

Lookey, there he is, The BF in downtown Capitola.  We shared a salami cheese baguette at Gayle's Bakery (great food but much too crowded and overwhelming).  I'd share our conversations but let's just say the dialogue was a bit naughty even by my standards, or at least for this blog entry.

I spoke with my very first Surfer Dude.  Of course he was dreamy.  And quite pleasant.  And, wait a minute, The BF says, what about me!  Well Birthday Boy, I find you quite steamy and delicious.  Moving right along ... what an outing.  I was doing okay (and of course The BF was blasting away) until I hit Mtn. Charlie towards the end.   Pooped me out big time.  Lost a lot of time on that climb.  Plus I got a wee bit lost.  Great gang as usual, pretty scenery and a swell time for all.

Just the Stats:

65.89 miles
31.5 mph descending
10.3 avg mph
6 hrs. 21 min.

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