Saturday, March 23, 2013

Over Easy

Me:  A professor required my services.
The BF:  Dare I ask.
Me:  He said to call him Buff.
The BF:  And you, Barbie?
Me:  I gave him great customer service.
The BF:  At the university library, a place of higher learning!
Me:  Oh, he certainly learned a thing or two from me, Mister.
The BF:  It's time I taught you a thing or two, Missy.
Me:  Oh oh.

The Boyfriend was waiting for me at Peet's on Clayton before climbing Morgan Territory.  I was a bit late.

The BF:  Ah, there you are.
Me:  Yes, I lost some time on account of the fact that I stopped to help a fella.
The BF:  Dare I ask.
Me:  Well, if you insist. He ran out of gas.
The BF:  Exactly how did you intend to assist him, being on your bicycle?
Me:  Let's just say I pumped him up nicely before his dad showed up with a gas can.
The BF:  Will you focus on the bike ride today!

Today, we did another Donny ride that included climbing Mt. Diablo North Gate (it was frosty at the top; I skipped the last 1/4 mile) and then we zipped over to do Morgan Territory from Clayton.  Climbing from that side was a lot easier than when Miss A. and I did it from Manning last October for one of the Low Key Hillclimbs.  Got over the climb and went easily and fast on the descent, taking in gorgeous views and lots of green.  I forgot to set my clock but I did about 64 miles with 6229 ft of climbing.  The Boyfriend was kind in staying with me for a fair amount of the ride and for putting up with me.

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