Friday, April 26, 2013

In Search of the Elusive

Off to the City for a conference.  5 minutes after getting off the light rail train not sure of where to go to get the Caltrain station in San Jose, I met a man.  No, you say!  Naturally he set me straight and got me to the station.  While waiting on the platform, we met up with other conference goers plus a woman who was going to another conference, the same one that The BF was attending.   He drove to his conference.  Ah, what he missed.... 

Lots of people wanted to help us get to our destination.  I was shocked to pay $2.85 for a regular Starbucks coffee in the big bad City.  Earlier in the week, thanks to Google maps and the little orange man, we knew we wanted to go to an Irish pub for lunch.  John joined us.  And this lovely bartender was helpful.  Geez, what a surprise, you say.  We had the best fish and chips and delightful fresh mushy peas!

Why have one when you can have many.  hmm.  During breaks, I played phone tag with The BF.

Ah, in search of the elusive.  You see, I and Guerlain go way back.  Back to the days when I traveled by train from Munich to Brussels in the 80s.  We walked from store to store in Union Square and met quite a few men and women eager to please us.  And some so botoxed with huge lips that I'll probably have nightmares tonight.  Still, not exactly a bad way to spend the lunch hour.  Long story short (online purchases are tricky), I bought the parfum from Saks.  The sales lady and I talked sugar daddies.  Not going to happen.  She also wanted to do my face but we had a conference to return to and much to learn.  She gave us goodies.  We got goodies from the conference, too.  Ah, then, there was the taxi driver who was ever so pleased to have librarians in his car...  Where was I.  Ah yes,   it's worth it when you find the real thing.  And you will only need one.  It will last. 

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